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Post Operative Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

At Mark Kincaid Physiotherapy, rehabilitation of various post-operative procedures is done. Following surgery, most orthopaedic surgeons will have their own protocols which they would like physiotherapists to follow. Physiotherapy will be aimed at achieving the relevant goals the patient has been given by their surgeon.. At this point, a Biokineticist may also come on board to assist with end-stage rehabilitation which will further aid return to sport/activity.

Examples of common post operative rehabilitation conditions are:

  • Hip/Knee replacements
  • Knee arthroscopies to repair cartilage or ligaments e.g. the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • Shoulder acromioplasty and rotator cuff repairs
  • Neck/ lower back disectomy or fusions
  • Ankle ligament repairs
  • Surgery to repair muscle tears e.g. calve muscle or Achilles tendon

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Post Operative Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
Article Name
Post Operative Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
Treatment usually consists of reducing pain/swelling and regaining full movement of a joint/ muscle, followed by progressive mobility, strengthening and balance exercises.
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