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Testimonials From Our Clients

Highly knowledgable and has a really proffessional and approachable way with clients. He has been a lifesaver on a number of occasions. I can without doubt highly recommend Mark Kincaid and his practice. Greg

When I suffered a knee sports injury, Mark Kincaid was able to treat the issue and have me back on my feet sooner than I expected. I had the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment, with a simple and clear exercise recovery plan to follow at home. I was also offered the choice of acupuncture treatment; I can’t say that for any other physiotherapist that I have been to in the past. I have referred Mark Kincaid to numerous friends and family members, and all have been satisfied and delighted with the treatment received. Bryan

Mark Kincaid Physiotherapy is extremely professional and honestly the best physiotherapist that i have ever been to. He was able to identify and sort out ankle and knee problems i have had for many years that no other physio has been able to sort out. I cannot recommend Mark more highly, he is an expert at what he does. Kyle

Mark Kincaid Physiotherapy is the best physio practice I have ever been to. I don’t mind making the drive out to Broadacres because Mark is professional as well as efficient and I couldn’t be happier with the service. Luke

I have been a patient of Mark for several years now and he has assisted me through various injuries and pain occurrences. He has always been able to determine the origins of the pain and through this careful diagnosis been able to assist in rehabilitation and advise on corrective practices to not only eliminate pain but also assist in preventative and maintenance care. His sessions/interventions have greatly reduced my pain, his maintenance programs have also resulted in far fewer incidences of pain. My biggest relief that was through his careful diagnosis he was able to assist me avoiding a fairly invasive surgical procedure. I highly recommend Mark to anyone in need of his special services. Cliff

I recently injured my shoulder and wrist and was in some discomfort. I reached out to a good friend who advised that I should try Physiotherapy and referred me to Mark. I was skeptical at 1st as I have never been to a Physio and thought that if anything, I would have been given a few exercises to do and that’s it. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did Mark help me with the pain and discomfort on my shoulder (I even forgot about the wrist injury), he helped identify that I had an issue with my lower back – his service was professional, consulting rooms are clean and neat and appointments are honored on time. I am happy to report that my shoulder is recovering well, and I have little to no lower back pain. I highly recommend Mark to all my friends and family. Kovilin

I have known Mark since at least 2010. After he successfully managed the rehabilitation of my right shoulder after an operation in 2010 he was also responsible for the rehabilitation of my left knee after I severed my left quadriceps in a freak accident in 2011. After having reconstructive surgery, I thought I would never be able to walk again. It was a horrible injury and I am a big heavy man which complicated matters. If it was not for the patient and unrelenting efforts of Mark I probably would not have survived the rehabilitation. Not only did he manage the painful part thereof but he also succeeded in giving me the confidence to walk again. To me he is the ultimate professional physiotherapist with a further important weapon in his arsenal being his compassion. I have been his patient for more than seven years and without any hesitation, I strongly recommend him. Herman

Mark is unlike any other Physio I have been to. Professional to a fault, he works to diagnose the issue rather than simply treating the symptoms. He is extremely knowledgeable and is continually updating his skills and keeping up to date with current developments and techniques. He does everything by hand, not simply relying on machines to do the work for him, and explains what he is doing and why every step of the way. His appointments are a little longer than the norm which means that he takes sufficient time on the issue, and the exercises he suggests are always spot on. He is also excellent with referring further medical treatment, as needed, and communicates comprehensively with the relevant doctors, so that all parties are aware of the history at any given time. I’ve not ever had success with a Physio as I have with Mark. Carol

The best physiotherapist I have ever been to. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. He pinpointed my problem areas immediately and addressed the issues. My pain was gone within a few sessions. Another bonus is that Mark was always punctual, which helps when you’re trying to plan your day. Kathleen

After having shoulder surgery I was referred to Mark Kincaid for physiotherapy treatment. I was unable to lift my arm to do basic day to day activities and after eight sessions of physiotherapy by Mark I began to regain movement.Mark is very pleasant, made me feel comfortable in his company and accommodating regarding appointment times.My visits to Mark are decreasing and I am very grateful to him for having restored movement in my shoulder and arm.I found the physiotherapy sessions beneficial and I am now able to continue a normal life. Thank you Mark! Angela

I have really enjoyed my physio treatment from Mark. He has helped me recover well and through his sessions and exercises the pain in my back had significantly decreased. Pain that was continually on my mind has now become something that is unnoticed most of the time. Mark is a really great down to earth guy who is fun to chat to and also really good at what he does, and is really honest in his treatment. Thank you for helping me recover. Donovan 

I suffer from severe headaches and neck ache for years. Physio, has resolved a great deal and has been a saving grace for me. After a session of Physio with Mark I feel great and rejuvenated. Dina

I suffered from on-going back and neck pain before Mark started treating me. After a few sessions I found the pain subsided significantly and mobility was better. Mark has been key in helping me manage my back and neck issues for the last 3 years. Not only is he an excellent Physio, he is a compassionate person who cares about his patients. I highly recommend him. Jo

I hurt the upper part of my foot whilst speed training on a treadmill at the gym. As I was more used to running on the road my foot didn’t like the treadmill action and something happened to jolt  one of the small bones in my foot out from its usual position and cause me pain. I was unable to run for a good few weeks and so decided to try out physio with Mark. I had a bad experience with another lady physio I went to who did absolutely nothing in terms of helping me and charging me a small fortune, so I was nervous to try another physio, but after 3 sessions of Mark working on my foot, and some really good advice, it came right and I am back to normal now. I’m very happy I found Mark and I would recommend him to anyone. Not only is he a good physio he has a happy and friendly demeanor and makes the treatment pleasant. Hayley

Having early degeneration in my lower back, I was walking with pain in my leg for months and it kept on becoming aggravated. As the chiropractor could not help me any further my GP directed me to Mark. After 2 sessions already the pain was so much less and after 6 sessions my pain has not come back; thanks Mark for fixing my back! Charlotte

Mark is an excellent physiotherapist who has an absolute passion for his work. I have referred several of my patients to Mark and they are all extremely pleased with him, remarking on the attention and care he has given to them. His treatments are effective and thorough, ensuring individuals return to their daily activities as soon as possible. Having gone to Mark for treatment myself, I highly recommend seeing him. Thank you Mark! Yolandé – Yolandé van Staden Biokinetics

Mark is a real physio. Not one that analyses then puts a machine on while attending other appointments. Mark is 100% hands on to get right to the problem where he can feel and heal it. Earl

 For many years I had neck pain and referral down both arms. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with a peripheral muscular neuropathy disease. In short random muscles in my neck, shoulders, arms, hands and lower legs lost communication with my brain and atrophied. Finding Mark’s practice late last year changed my perception on the disease. He knew what areas to treat during a treatment which really helped me with my quality of life. I recommend Mark’s Practice to anyone who can’t find pain relief or have a difficult physical situation which is unbearable. Russell

I had all but given up on ever feeling better and really had lost total trust in physios until I was referred to Mark by my biokineticist.  I had been from pillar to post with a chronic neck problem for over 3 years that was totally debilitating and really affecting my quality of life. No doctors, physios or other therapists could help me with my difficulty. Mark however had a different approach and really focused on trying to resolve my neck issue. He found that it was in fact my very top vertebra in my neck that was stuck and nobody else ever thought of assessing this joint before. And after about 3 sessions with him he managed to release the joint and all of a sudden my neck was at least 80% better. My life has totally changed since Mark has sorted out my neck. I have completely pain free days now and have gotten back to many activities that I had to stop doing due to my neck. Thank you Mark, you have the gift of healing hands and I am just so grateful to have my life back again. Paula

I have struggled with my Lower back for over 3 years now due to a weak core and injuries playing golf. In March 2014 my L4L5 eventually herniated from carrying heavy equipment and the disc bulge was pushing onto my left sciatic nerve which was torturous. I have spent an absolute fortune in seeing specialists, physiotherapists and biokineticists over the years. I started to believe that there was no one that could get me back to a pain free life, until I read a testimonial on Mark’s website of a similar nature to mine and I started going for treatments with Mark. Mark has understood my injury and has made an effort to get me to understand my injury too. He has taken into account how I feel about specific treatments and he has worked with what I could handle. He doesn’t have a one method fits all. He listened and worked with me until we found what worked for me. Within weeks I started feeling better and today I have absolutely no nerve pain and I am able to train and walk long distances again. I also understand my back better and my posture when bending and doing other activities. I am forever grateful to Mark for making it his task to get me better. I would recommend his services to anyone I cross paths with that struggle with injuries and constant pain. Sandra



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